Golf Vacations – Check out Kimberley for your next trip

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golf vacations in kimberley bc

Trickle Creek Golf Course

Anyone who yearns for a unique and special golfing experience must opt for a Golf Vacation at Kimberley. This is a way by which travelers and enthusiastic adventurers can combine an amazing golf experience with stunning views.

Kimberley offers its visitors with the best of a summer sun and winter snow! It has something for everyone in the family.

Golf vacations at the Canadian Rockies are impeccable and unforgettable.

History that dates back to 100 years

Being ranked amongst the top natural wonders of the planet, Kimberley has a history that traces back to one hundred years. Tourists can always satisfy themselves with the marvelous and luxuriate mountains in the Canadian Rockies. Kimberley is named for its beautiful and flawless wilderness. Golf vacations in the quiet and clean region will stand to be memorable one! No one would complain over the hush ambience, which will ascertain on an experience that could be carried for a lifetime.

Onboard golf coaching and luxurious dining

The Canadian Rockies has delighted enthusiasts with challenging golf courses. Everything in Kimberley is based on outdoor adventures.  The place is home to classic championships and insightful golf vacations. Our condo and golf course is designed with mind blowing features. Placed amongst the green valleys and located on the 16th fairway of Trickle Creek, our location provides vacationers with luxurious dining, unique shops and onboard golf coaching. These features will make your golf vacation much more spectacular.

The lavish ambience

Every guest of the Kimberley’s sensational destination will be bequeathed with an utmost decree of hospitality and service. Kimberley is a lavish vicinity, which heaves with fine modes of transport. The city’s landscape and enchanting history will add an extra ounce of finess to the golf vacations.

The world’s finest golf courses

With world class restaurants, divine accommodations, green golf courses and splendid nature, Kimberley has complemented visitors with celestial amenities. Golfing is a pristine sport in the Canadian Rockies. Similarly, the golf courses and lands of Kimberley have always been admired by golf aficionados. The city owns some of the best and world famous golf resorts. The Trickle Creek Golf Resort and Kimberley Golf Club are ranked amongst the top 10 courses in the country. These golf courses have a mix of narrow cut hole-lines, tree lined fairways and wide opened driving holes. Conversely, these sites are spellbound with magnificent greens and challenging views that will catch the attention of a large number of travelers for “another golf vacation” in the Rockies.

The other summer activities

The summer season in Kimberley is flooded with people who fascinate over golf vacations, while the winter season tends to attract skiers. The place is featured for its services and affordable amenities. Touring around the mountains and hills of Kimberley is majestic and exciting. The golf vacations are never limited to “golf” alone, it has several other summer activities, like bird watching, wildlife photography, whitewater rafting,  horseback riding and fly fishing.

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