The Luxury Golf Resorts of Kimberley

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luxury golf resorts kimberleyGolf in summer and ski in winter, Kimberley is home to world famous luxury Golf resorts.

All year round, these resorts are active and alive with a fine collection of amenities. Kimberly is a holiday settling in British Columbia which is known for its golf vacations. The evergreen land is second to no other golfing destinations. The “art of choosing” from a hodgepodge of luxury Golf resorts is definitely difficult. Nevertheless, as potential travelers, you could always make use of the following requisites.

The stylish landscapes of Kimberley

Kimberley’s Luxury golf resorts are made with stylish layouts. The golf courses are linked with modern and classic designs. Golfers can always enjoy their hobby with a breath taking panorama. Forest or desert, easy or difficult, hilly or flat, the golf resorts can be chosen in accordance to the customized needs of golfers. British Columbia offers golfers with a broad spectrum of freedom. The condos are enhanced with the highest peaks of Whistler and the steaming deserts of Okanagan.

The delicate architectures of Kimberley

Our city is known for its fine structures and world class architectures. Apart from talented golfers, visitors can delight themselves with great architects and popular constructions. The golf courses in British Columbia have a heritage which dates back to several hundred years. To be much more precise, our condo which is located just few minutes from the glorious ski mountains, devours its patrons with extravagant views. Right from their rooms, they can experience a divine skiing experience. This is a unique attribute that sets apart the various holiday destinations of Kimberley!

golf resort kimberley

Bootleg Gap

The warm seasons of Kimberley  

Summer side golfers can enjoy a mind blowing view, where the blue skies would blend with the white snow capped mountains. During the warm season, the condos are packed with adventurous travelers. The Luxury golf resorts will mix the snow capped mountains with the daunting Pacific oceans. Golfers can enjoy the above sight while playing their heart’s game.

The cold season of Kimberley

Kimberley is also a Ski Destination. Our condos are close to the Alpine Mountains. The beautiful and breath taking views are laid around a friendly ambience. The great snow destination is ordained with adequate levels of sunshine. Kimberley is known for its cross country skiers and snowmobilers.  The city amongst the great Canadian Rockies, does rock with a medley of white wonders and tranquil skies.

The thick condos for earnest travelers

Given the great population of tourists, the condos of Kimberley are fierce with players and thick forests. The landscape is overlooked by fabulous surroundings and steep mountains. The condos have bequeathed its golfers with a preeminent experience and a plethora of golf courses.

golf resorts

Trickle Creek

Overlooking challenge of entertainment

British Columbia offers its visitors with a hodgepodge of golf courses. The mountainous resorts are open all around the year. Summer golfers can enjoy the beautiful province of Kimberley with an overlooking challenge of entertainment. Few features to be enjoyed in the impressive British Columbian golf courses are:

1)      The warm summer breeze with the clean golf layouts.

2)      The snowy winter with speedy skis.

3)      The Luxury golf resorts with breath taking amenities and services.

The Luxury Golf Resorts in Kimberley is bound with a large number of beautiful golf courses and westernized facilities.

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