What is Special About Kimberley, BC?

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Kimberley, BCAre you in search of an ultimate holiday destination? Do you want a summer with golf and winter with snow? Anyone with the foremost needs should opt for Kimberley, BC. The glorious town is filled with Rocky Mountains and mind blowing landscapes. Kimberley, BC is called the “Bavarian City of Rockies”.

Kimberley is known for its world class skiing platforms, interesting golf courses, white-water rafting, kayaking, snowmobiling, snowboarding and biking.

Amenities and culture

Kimberley, BC is a four season holiday destination. The place throws a grand medley of culture and art. The city devours its visitors with a fine echelon of service. The amenities are framed with an utmost level of care and concern. The condos have appealing features, which will keep inviting a frequent flow of tourists.

Three different winter activities

The “four season destination” offers their visitor with the following facets.

1)      Cross country skiing – Kimberley has a wide range of snow tracks and double set trails. The skating land is home to unswerving loops. The longest skating loops in Kimberley, runs through a distance of 7km. Even during the late nights, the city offers its visitors with exciting cross country skis.

2)      Snowshoeing – Kimberley, BC is exceptionally famous for its scenic and interpretive North-Star mountains. Travelers can enjoy the white snow capped mountains with a snowshoe tour. Our condos have special travel guides, who will help you through your exciting quest.

3)      Snowmobiling – Do you want to have an ultimate snowmobiling experience? Kimberley is a Zero avalanche terrain with snowy mountain trails and professional snowmobile guides. We are just few minutes away from these sensational ski mountains. Anyone and everyone in our condos can take pleasure in the stunning trail rides.

The Dream of every golfer

Kimberley, BC is astounding in summer. The Alpine resorts are en filled with a mishmash of mind blowing activities. The Trickle Creek Golf resort is regarded as a Golfer’s dream! The foremost sight is just few meters away from our condos. The mountain is woven with Alpine mountains and crossing creeks. The surrounding slopes and flat landscapes will ordain travelers with a fine golfing experience. A golf vacation will become comprehensive and complete with the condo’s club restaurants, shopping spears and premiere golf courses. Kimberley, BC is a relaxed environment which hubs around evergreen landscapes and snow white tracks.

kimberley, bcThe Gateway to Nature

Kimberley of the British Columbia is a “Gateway to Nature”. The location runs with a criss cross of small ponds and forest hills. The soft wilderness will bequeath travelers and sportsmen with panoramic viewpoints. Last but not the least; Kimberley is made of splendid summer festivals. The season is ordained with golfing championships and skiing tournaments. The city mulls over its condos as small communities with fun filled facets.

The spectacular regions of Kimberley

Kimberley, BC will become a “Safe Haven” when its visitors are careful and responsible. As members of the fairy tale destination, we will help you to stay in control and free of hassles! Adventure and fun is unlimited in the spectacular regions of Kimberley, BC. The city is large and incorporated with attractive and tempting attributes.

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